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4/11/02 Learn to count in Binary.

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I've even written some short stories.

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Be sure to visit my other pages on my site.

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There are computer pages including:

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A collection of children's activities including:

a virtual zoo and a list of children's sites. I've even written some short stories. Print out a protractor, ruler, and graph paper in measuring tools. Learn logic gates AND, OR, NOT.

Also I've made a fun drawing Java applet, Larry's Paint.

I have an autoreload program to have a page automatically reload. It's great for sites that are contantly updating something, like a webcam, news, sports, finance.

Need to convert temperature, length, weight or volume? Check out my Unit Conversion

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Goetz's File Splitter - Split files to fit on floppies or for email attachements.

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I worked with my professor in graduate school to create a Real-Time system to teach students Real-Time programming. It's written mostly in Java. The system is designed to play pinball. I made a site for my professor explaining the system. You can watch a Real Player clip of the system playing pinball. It's really cool. Check out A Testbed For Real-Time Programming In Java: The Pinball Player Project.

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