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Hello. I've seen many places listing free web graphics and have seen those images used on many web pages. With that in mind I decided to make my own images to give out, with hopes that they will become popular and be on many web pages too.

These are animated gif graphics that I have made. Feel free to use them on your page and pass them on to your friends or animated gif collections.

To use the images, here is what you need to do. The only way you should make use of the images, is to download a copy of them. From Netscape or Internet Explorer, right click each of the image(s) you want and choose "save as" to download the image(s) to your computer for placing on your web site.

These are compressed versions and work properly in Netscape or Internet Explorer. They are incompatible with Prodigy Classic's browser. They seem to work in AOL. If what you see here looks fine, then they work in your browser.

You can download the entire collection from here.















If you'd like to, I'd appreciate a link on your page back to my main page, if you use one of these graphics. In any case please e-mail me your URL, I like seeing my graphics in use. Thank you.

Ulead GIF Animator is a great program I use to make animations. It reduces the file size, and has lots of special effects.

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