Places I look when I need computer help fast

This is the first place I look when I have a problem. If you have any kind of problem or question about anything in computers, or other topics, chances are others do too, so check out Dejanews to see what others have asked, or to post a question of your own. It's a very valuable site for getting answers to computer questions. Type in the error message you get, or device and a general description of the problem and you should find something. Be sure to check current and past messages as well.

If I can't find info there, then I check with Hotbot. Aa great search engine to search for solutions on the web.

If the question is about a term or computer device or concept look it up at

If the problem with with a Microsoft product check out Microsoft's Support Online Knowledge Base. Get help with Microsoft's products.


CIS Help area, for anyone, however the course numbers apply towards Brooklyn College students.

Free C++ compiler from Borland.

Shareware & Freeware

Winzip You'll need this or an equivalent to uncompress my programs or other programs you get from the internet. This site has info on Winzip as well as a link to download your evaluation copy.

Free Connection

NoNags free software.Free software! for PCs An awesome list of utilities, add-ons, applications, games, and all sorts of programs all for FREE!

Rocketdownload Launch Pad Rocket Download: Your better choice for downloading, reviews, descriptions, screenshots.

BeezleWare Mostly Mac shareware and freeware, but they have recently added a PC section.

Freeware and some shareware for Windows 95 Lots of awesome utilities and add-ons for 95.

Jumbo A very large shareware site.

Shareware.Com A large shareware searching site.

Lots of free stuff for Windows 95 Download some really good free 32 bit software for 95.

Stroud's CWSApps LOTS of internet software available to download. If you're looking for a particular interent program chances are you'll find it here.

Free for all 100 Shareware Links Page

Hotfiles from Ziff Davis

Order Computer Software

Knowledge Bases

Places to look for help with problems.

Support4free They offer free computer help. Also, they keep past questions on hand for you to look up.

UCS Help Online Knowledge Base A great place to search for help on all sorts of computer topics. PC, Mac, or Unix. If you're having a problem with a program check them out

Search a list of questions about problems to computers.

If you have any kind of problem or question about anything in computers, or other topics, chances are others do too, so check out Dejanews to see what others have asked, or to post a question of your own. It's a very valuable site for getting answers to computer questions.

Hotbot Is also a great search engine to search for solutions on the web. Lots of helpful information if Windows is not working for you. Also has Device Drivers.

Windows Device Drivers If you lost your driver disk, need an update, or got a used piece of hardware and need a driver, you can find one here.

Bug fixes for windows Has patches and updates for Windows.

Computer Terms

Computer Dictionary Good information. Look up all sorts of computer terms and facts. If you'd like to learn computer terms, this is the place for you!

The Jargon File 3.2.0 Lookup computer jargon terms. Look up info on tons of topics and and computer terms.

Computer Desktop Encylopedia Look up terms and info on computers.

Computer Terminology

New Gigabuys - Wingman

PC Companies

Computer Brand Reviews

Need to contact a computer manufacturer, look here.

Huge list of software and hareware manufacuters Good for tech support of software & hardware.

PC-Help Online A collection of hardware and software manufacturers and other resources to help you get help with a computer problem. A great site.

Comspec's list of Hardware & Software vendors

General Computer Info and News

The 32bit OS Center A listing of 32 bit programs

Tip City Tons of tips for various programs.

A guide to the internet.

A guide to cyberspace Lots of technical info about the internet.

Help Me Now Your Computer Help Source.

Yahoo Computing Lots of info on computers, software, games, internet, networking, and anything having to do with computers.

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet Another BIG listing of sites that deal with computers, the internet, etc. . Lots of information to be found here.

The Shell Information to help you with the internet and computers.

Healthy PC Keep your computer running smoothly. has thousands of tips, troubleshooting advice and optimization secrets.

Help Channel Help from ZD. Look up tips and answers to computer problems.

Computer News Daily From the NY Times.

ZD Net Lots of info, shareware, etc. from Ziff Davis.

Larry's World Larry Magid's site for help with computers.

Computer Currents Info on computers.

I Star SuperHelp"The Great Massive Interactive Help Database".

The PC Webopaedia Source for accurate, up-to-date information about personal computers.

Cold Silence's Computer Help Page Do you need help? Have all your computer questions and problems answered here!

The Computer Help Site The Purpose of this site is to help New Users learn about computers.

Free Diagnostics - Test your system

Shop TLC Super Store

Antivirus Information

Free Antivirus Software - Download some free software from Computer Associates

Get a free firewall - from Alarm Zone

Anti Virus info A list of viruses and ways to remove and prevent them. If you or know someone how has a virus, check here for info on how to fix it.

More Anit-Virus Info Another, place to get Antivirus information. Also lists how to remove various viruses.

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center Get the latest news and information about viruses. Look up viruses and what they do. Also read about virus hoaxs. Lots of info to help you prevent viruses. I used to use Mcafee's antivirus program, but have switched to Norton's Antivirus. They update their program every week to prevent against the lastest viruses.

Norton Antivirus is part of Norton System Works:

Norton System Works - Contains Norton AntivirusNorton System Works - Contains Norton Antivirus

Windows 95 Help

System Info This program will display your total RAM, CPU speed, and other useful info about your system.

Tips & Tricks in 95 that I've found.

Windows 95 Annoyances

Windows 95 tips and tricks.

Window's 95 Resources.

Guide to 95 If you are new to 95, check this site out.

Windows 95 Info from Microsoft

Windows Support Online Knowledge Base from Microsoft

Windows 95 FAQ

Windows 95 Help and Info from Yahoo

Desktop Themes for Windows 95 Requires the Plus! pack.

Another BIG site for desktop themes for Windows 95.

Get Power Toys A free program that lets you add new features to Windows 95. You can reset the screen resolution on the fly, send files to any folder without needing to drag and drop and other neat stuff. It's really cool, however although Microsoft made it, they don't stand behind it, they're not responsible. Use at your own risk. Don't let this scare you, I haven't had any problems with it. But if you call tech support I don't think they'd help resolve any problems from it. They have their legal warning on the site.

Kernel Toys Modify some parts of the kernel of 95. For those who like to tinker with the operating system. Let's you view things like program CPU status and other tools.

CD-ROM extra's If you got the floppy disk version of 95, look at what you are missing.

Windows 98

Microsoft's Windows 98 Site You'll find downloads, updates, and useful information.

Windows 98 Help from Ziff Davis

Mac Help

The Ultimate Macintosh "The BEST Macintosh pages on the World Wide Web." Quoted from the site.

General info on the Macintosh from Yahoo. Think of this as your starting point for Mac stuff.

Practical Mac This site lists some general information and help with the Macintosh. It looks interesting.

MacAddict A Macintosh magazine. With information on Mac hardware and software. Pretty good.

Mac OS Info on the Mac OS.

NEXUS Mac Resources Some good resources for the Mac. Lots of links.

Frequently Asked Questions about hardware and such on the Mac.

Mac Week Archive News articles on the Mac.

ZDNet: Mac Mac info from Ziff Davis.

Web Help

Ulead GIF Animator is a great program I use to make animations. It reduces the file size, and has lots of special effects. Check out this animation I made. It comes with premade templates to choose from. I used one of them.

iconUlead GIF Animator

If you have lots of links on your site and you need a way to sort them, try URL Sorter. It's a shareware program I've made, that will generate HTML code listing the sites in alphabetical order, based on a simple input file.

Check out my home page information page for how to set up a home page.

Want to make a home page, but your internet provider doesn't allow you to put one up? Then go to GeoCities or AngelFire. Personally Geocities looks better, I set up a friend on them and they are really user friendly. If you want to set up a site to promote your business then try out Infochase. They allow you to make personal pages as well, but they also say you can advertise your business. AngleFire also lets you advertise your business too.

NetMind An excellent source of things to use on the internet! There are lots of cool things to do on-line that I didn't think were possible. It's a collection of programs people set up to do specific tasks you need. They are useful and entertaining. There are HTML generation programs to help you make a home page. Also places to check you web links, and spelling. Things to make calendars, graphics, text-to-speech, etc. It's really great! I recommend checking this place out.

Web Developers Journal The Latest Web Design Techniques and Tools

Some really good stuff from Microsoft for your web page:

Microsoft's Web Design Gallery, with lots of layout designs for pages.

Microsoft's Web Gallery of graphics and sounds

HTML Starter Kit A great place to go for infomation on how to build a web page. Also has links to graphics, forms, tables, and other things to add to a page. An HTML tutorial and design tips are also there.

WEB Wizard A program for MS Windows that allows you to easily create homepages. It's worth a look!

A rather good HTML editor that is FREE. AOL Press It's even better than some commerical editors.

Web Page Maker Another automatic design you web page site. It has lots of options, and a place to list your top 3 favorite sites.

Help you make a Web Page Yet another place to make a web page for you. This place tells you simple html code that you can add into the page. Also very good for any beginers wanting to make a home page.

Home page help site.

Things to add to you page.

HTML Tutorial.

More HTML help.

HTML cheat sheet and more info on web pages.

Internet Stuff You Should Know But Don't

Graphics for your site:

Get some free animated GIFs for your web site.

Realm Graphics Graphics for your page. Backgrounds, Bullets, Buttons, Icons, Lines, and more.

GIF-Pile A collection of animated GIF sites, web design styles, counters, icons and other graphic stuff for your web site.

Pam Bytes Lots of graphics to add to your page. Lots of great stuff!

Microsoft's GIF Animator A free program to turn GIF images or AVI files into animated GIFs. Excellent! Download it from here

Crash Zone A collection of lots of links to graphic related sites. Get animations, backgrounds, clipart and other graphics.

Some places to submit your site to:

Promotional Links Places to help promote your web site for free!

Entity Global Site Submission Just fill in your info once and send it off to many search engines. Highly recommended!

Go Net-Wide... A listing of sites that will list your site. Some of the sites listed here also have a form that you fill out once to submit to many sites.

Other good and free things

Know someone who just wants E-mail? Well get them free E-mail from Juno.

If you or anyone else, keeps switching internet providers, then try BigFoot. Here you can get for free an e-mail address that will forward your mail to which ever service you are using. Just tell BigFoot your current e-mail address, then tell your friends to mail to your BigFoot address.

If you want to read E-mail no matter where you are in the world, but have access to the internet, then try Hotmail You can read your E-mail from any web browser.

Big Book A great business listing. Also the key feature I like is a interactive map that lets you zoom into any address in the USA. I can see where my house is on my street. That's cool!

Map Here is a direct link to the map program.

MapQuest The best street atlas I've seen on the internet. Not only does it print maps, but it can tell you how to get to your destination. It's better the Big Book for maps.

The BEST mapping system on the net

Map it USA You can enter in 2 location and get DETAILED directions how to get there. It's great, because this site tells you the inner city info, like turn left on Ave. A, go 1 mile, then turn right on Ave. Z for .1 miles and your there. It's AWESOME!!!

Switchboard A listing of phone books from across the US. Real easy to use, and amazingly detailed.

Affiliate Programs

Join various affiliate programs and generate revenue from your web site!

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