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Feedback on Goetz's File Splitter:

Cliff Wall writes:
"Your file splitter is excellent. It worked as advertised, with no drama, panic, or fear upon reassembly. Thanks for making this great program available."

Jeff writes:
"This is an excellent and powerful utility with a small foot print. I'm running Windows 2000 Professional with service pack 1. This file splitter is easy to use, and quickly and accurately splits file to the desired size. Installing the utility was even easier. I did not encounter any errors during the installation. Thanks for an excellent and useful product."

Paul Evans writes:
"What a handy little program!"

Rolf Seebacher writes:
"Your file splitter has made a big difference in one of my most troublesome areas: breaking down files to floppy disk size and reinstaling them without major drama. The simplicity is also very refreshing."

Tim Jones writes:
"Wow! Nice! Very easy and quick to install AND use. Would recommend it to ANYONE trying to send large files via email."

Sairam Muthuswamy writes:
"I was desperate to split a file to send it to some one and yours worked great."

Avis Daniels writes:
" I just tried your new version of Splitter on an NT4 PC. It worked like a charm. I had no problems at all in splitting large files to be stored on floppies. The GUI on this version is very easy to understand and use, even my wife can use it without asking me a dozen questions on how to and that's a first."

Kumaresh A writes:
"Excellent. It's very useful and easy to split large files into small ones of our size, so that we can transfer them to our friends through email. My wishes to the splitter's development team."

Gerry Cyprus writes:
"I just installed your File Splitter. This is the best program of it's type I have ever seen. Works like a dream."

Kjell O. Aareskjold writes:
"Thanks for a great program. I have many times looked for a program which made me able to split large files when I am sending e-mails (Useful if the system is unstable). Thanks"

Tom Carr writes:
"The program works great, it installed ok, with no errors, and split my 40 meg flat text file into 8 parts without problem, and the batch file to re-assemble it looks to be MUCH more precise than other "Splitter" programs that just copy part1+part2, etc..... Thanks!"

Billy Bob Bramblet writes:
"This is great - you gotta try it. It saved my butt when my cd-rw drive software went out and I had to restore my software - thanks Larry, thanks alot!!!!!!!"

Dan Quilty writes:
"Great program! I've been looking all over for a program to split up giant mp3 files. Goetz's File Splitter works simply and beautifully. Thank you!"

Rana B writes:
"Thanks for the very nice file splitter. I work mostly from the office, so I haven't bothered to get an internet connection at home, since the only reason I need it is to download all the goodies from the net. Thanks to your splitter, I can split the big files into floppies and carry them home at the end of the day. I often use it to bring office work back home too. Thanks a lot again."

Robert Franz writes:
"I don't use this for piddling little files. I need to split LARGE files. The first task I gave it was to split a 750 meg web server log file into more manageable 10 meg chunks. It performed flawlessly, but more importantly - it was quick and didn't bog my PC."

Kevin Davy writes:
"I have never commented on a piece of software in my life but your file splitter has to be said is the most easy to use small little applicated on the web. I can't believe I spent hours using those awful graphical windows applications when I could of been using yours. And its free! I would happerly pay for your program. Well done. I shall inform every one I know who would be interested, With thanks, Kevin Davy"

Jim F writes:
"I used your SPLITTER program for the first time today, infact. I can't believe how fast it is!"

Homer writes:
"Your file splitter utility is the best on the web and I have tried most all of them."

Juan J. Ruiz writes:
"The filesplitter is a pretty nifty utility. Keep It Up!"

Bill Zegarlowicz writes:
"This tool is the greatest one out there when you want to split files. I used it and it was easy to learn and easy use so I recommend this to any and all who need to make files smaller."

Douglas Cannell writes:
"I downloaded the File Splitter application that you offer and tried it on a 5 meg file. I just wanted to let you know that it worked great and when I reassembled the original file, it was as easy as clicking on the generated .bat file. Thanks for making such a great product available to the masses."

Shobhan Dutta writes:
"Excellent program! It sure is worth a million bucks for having made my life easier!"

Dan writes:
"Your file splitter is truly great! Easy to use, no confusig syntax to enter, and better yet no external program needed to glue the pieces together!! The best file spliter ever made in my opinion. You're a life saver!"

Ray Whiteman writes:
"Sweet and simple, just what I needed to get that 40MB file through the 5MB attachment limit."

Timbot writes:
"File splitter saved my life more than twice. It's so much better than pkzip's Multiple Disk Spanning. Thanx a whole bunch!"

Jay Quint writes:
"I was having a heckuva time trying to find a way to copy a 2.5MB file from my work PC to my kids' home PC, until I came across your File Splitter program. What a great utility! Thank you. After using it, I perused your web site to see that you have so many other useful things there. I am a Cub Scout Den Leader, and we have just registered our Pack's web address. I will be putting the site together, and would like to incorporate some of what you offer. I think the kids would enjoy them (games, screen savers, etc.)

Feedback on Larry's Paint:

Dani writes:
"I like your coloring thing cause its really cool & I like to color. Thanx for putting a coloring thing on your page. you rock. I like to color. I will come back & color tomorrow. bye bye."

Tony Jucewicz writes:
"Larry, thanks a bunch for the great Java programing. I just put the "paint" program up at my Stonework Site. It's just what I was starting to study Java for. You saved me tons of time. I'll be sure to check on your other items."

Debbie Cavins writes:
"I am a web designer and have added your paint applet to a site for a local Quarry who desired a children's page with activities. I have included thanks and a link back to your site. I chose to use the applet as a "Make A Face" activity. I made blank faces for the backgrounds and facial features for the stamps. I haven't published the site yet, I am still in the finishing stages now, but it is already a huge hit with my own 5 year old. Thank you for providing education and entertainment for children, I will continue to check out your work."

L. Kempster writes:
"I love it! Larry's Paint is the first Java applet in a long time that didn't come across as a complete waste of time. I found it refreshing and entertaining."

Phil writes:
"I am posting a message for teachers in the t2t discussiong group hosted at www.teachnet.com. That should get you some visitors. I downloaded your file splitter and I think I will also try your paint program. Teachers are always looking for useful programs which are at the right price (free) due to limited money. I can see many educational possibilities in your freeware. Thank you for your site."

Feedback on my Wallpaper:

Jan Lindauer writes:
"Your photographs are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and I appreciate your letting everyone else enjoy them free of charge. Thank you very much for the enjoyment they have given us."

Catherine writes:
"Thank you for some beautiful fish to use as wallpaper. And thank you, too, for a site that I was comfortable allowing my children to explore - no suprises as to what they might find. It was an enjoyable, educational and worthwhile experience."

Derrick Drew writes:
"I merely wished to give you a large pat on the back for a good site well done. Not only were your nature pictures excellent for my desktop wallpaper but the additional information which you so willing shared (a premium forethought) conerning the font smoother installer which also had the wallpaper stretcher were perfect. Be commended on a great site and assured that will gladly share it with many if not all of my friends. THANKS AGAIN"

Leslie writes:
"I think you have a very wonderful sight.... such beautiful pictures I was actually looking for a waterfall scene but i like the peacocks so much  i couldn't resist... thankyou...:))"

Computer Help Feedback:

Patrick M writes:
"I can't thank you enough for our fast and friendly advice concerning my scanner difficulty...not only did it fix my problem...it taught me something else that i didn't know...big companies like Gateway should be ashamed for charging big bucks for Tech support...which is what they tried to do to me when i presented them with this problem...i just can't thank you enough..."

Dolphin writes:
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It worked! I am so impressed with the speedyness of your response and with the help you gave me! I cannot thank you enough!"

Hugh McCourt writes:
"I recently asked You to help Me find An phoenix Bios for a defunk AMS computer.You were My last resort in finding this file, before returning the computer to it's owner. But You came through and pointed Me in the right direction. I want to thank You most sincerly for Your help. Thanks again, Hugh McCourt"

Jesse Carlos writes:
"I have never even thought of repiaring my own computer before. I had a problem with the video card and I just thought I would ask you and see what happens. You gave me some tips to try and explained everything so easily. In fact, each time I ask something, I get a reply right away. Anyway, I was able to fix my computer and am no longer afraid to try different things with it. I have a whole different perspective now. Thanks."

John Israel writes:
"I was periodicly locking up with a 'blue screen of death' and an error mentioning EMU10K1. I talked to several people locally and surfed a bunch trying to find what this error was. By going to this site I was able to get help very quickly and my problem has disappeared. THANKS!"

Other programs and my site:

Robbi writes:
"I was unable to record in Sound Recorder and a quick run through the FAQ's questions gave me the easy answer to fix my problem in seconds. Thank you!!!"

Rachel writes:
"Larry, this is an amazing site. I visit it often, mostly to access the weight and measurement conversion programs you've written. I rarely come across such auseful and user-friendly site as yours. I have your site in my favorite places. Also, my husband (who deals with industrial machines and equipment) uses your site to aid him in his work. I couldn't go on enough about how useful we find your work. I'm so pleased that I came across it. Thanks for all of your hard work for the benefit of we computer-heads. ~ Rachel"

Graeme writes:
"I spent over an hour searching for a programme to help my 74 year old mother how to use a mouse. I was delighted when I finally found your site and programme which seems to be the perfect need for someone like my mum. Thanks for helping me in my moment of need."

Olga de Juana writes:
"Dear Lawrence, I am a technical trainer for a non-profit organization. We teach basic computer literacy to the homeless, people who are umeployed and underpriviledged. Most of our participants have never touch a computer before and I'm hoping that your shareware will enble me to better teach them how to use a mouse. Thank you so much for your help and service to the public. Sincerely, Olga"

Rene writes:
"I downloaded "Animals and Things" from the Kids Domain for my 2 year old grandson. The first time I opened it for him, he started laughing! We spent the most wonderful half-hour bouncing from picture to picture! When his mother picked him up, I got on the web and went straight to your site to find other programs for him. Although our computer is primarily for our business, I have made a desktop folder of games and internet sites that my 3 grandchildren can use. I have found keeping their programs and sites in a seperate folder much safer. They can't accidently obtain a program used for our business. Thank you for the wonderful programs. By the sounds of my grandson's laughter, I'm sure he thanks you, too!"

Geniene writes:
"Our youngest son is severely Autistic. He attends a special needs school here in Australia. After years of fascination with our home computer we were unable to teach him to use the mouse and therefore the computer independently. After one go at your programs at school, he is not only using the mouse confidently, he is starting up and exiting the program and swapping between each game. I wanted to thank you, this breakthrough has given us all much joy."

Karen P. writes:
"We have your Animals-n-Things and Learning Letters and Numbers games for our kids and they just love them! Great for 2 and 3 year olds. Thank you!"

Kay Turley writes:
"Dear Lawrence, You have the most amazing website, I send tons of stuff to my three year old grandbabies, (who are really good with the computer), and I appreciate how harmless it is to them. Just plain fun. Thank You."

David Moro writes:
"I must say that you have AMAZING tallent! I truely mean that!"

Robert Harrold writes:
"Thank you for the Java Script calendar. I added it onto my "Y2K, Clocks & Time" page. I've been looking for a working script like yours for some time and of those I found yours was the only one that had good documentation and above all...works. Thanks Again, Robert Harrold"

AlohaCool writes:
"Love your converstion tables, such a big help and I've given the URL to quite a few friends. Thank you very very much for this desperately needed site."

Brandon writes:
"I downloaded your screensaver from ZDNet's site. The wallpaper adds much to my pc. I've also looked at some of the java applets for use in helping non-computer users to understand the world of computers. I think they will come in handy(especially for my mom who is computer illiterate). Thanks a ton!! Brandon"

Carol Whitenight writes:
"I'm a mom of 4, ages 9 -1.5. What wonderful luck I had discovering your game sites for my children. I have added your virtual zoo and game page to my kid page at cariscorner.com. You are a blessing:)"

Nik writes:
"Top bloke...he's helped me out quite a few times now, highly recommended. Thanks for everything."

Colleen writes:
"I'm so happy to come across your website. I have some of your programs because of a shareware CD ROM I had purchased. No other programs have been so enjoyed by my two year old son. I have been using your programs with him for over a year. He knows his ABC's and numbers because of these programs. He also enjoys Larry's Toys. Thank you so much for your products."

Whit Prophet writes:
"Your "logic gates" program was just what I was looking for to use in my Introduction class. I am trying to complete writing an "ONline" type course for them and your software filled the void in this area."

Tony writes:
"I just love the graph paper I would have failed my geometry final without it!!!!!!!!!"

Antonio Sibal writes:
"Hi I am Antonio Sibal from the Philippines. I  just want to say a very big Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really, really love your program Goetzkit. I just can't say anything. You are very Kind !!! You distributed Goetzkit without asking anything, you are really a very blessed programmer! Before, I cant do anything with Javascript, but your explanation of Javascript is very easy-to-understand. I am 14 years old and my dream is to be a programmer. I tried C++ but I cant understand it, but the Javascript examples that you made are very easy to understand -I think this is the start for me:) Javascript is Cool!"

Jo Brown writes:
"My two year old goes to an early education centre three mornings a week and she gets alot out of it socially and educationally, but the only facility they lack is computers and becoming confident using one, therefore when I found your pages I couldn't believe my good luck, I have just downloaded a few for her to see how she goes but I think she will enjoy learning to use the mouse and keyboard just so she will look like she is busy on the computer like her older sister does."

Tim van der Hoek writes:
"Larry, my son just loves your 'songs' and 'animals' programs. These were the first things he really enjoyed on the computer. Everytime he has a real big smile on his face. Now he is almost two years old and still loves it! Thank you for these nice programs."

James Marino writes:
"I have installed your calendar program on my website (http://www.jamesmarino.com) and wanted to thank you for providing it. It is people like you that have made the internet grow as it has."

Larry Goldberg writes:

Carl Urion writes:
"This gives me the opportunity to tell you how much my grandchildren have enjoyed Larry's Toys. (I have 5 grandchildren, 1 to 7 years of age.) I have spent hours and hours with them. They come back to that program over and over. You have brought a lot of joy to some kids in Alberta."

Roxanne Barrilleaux writes:
"My Grandson is 2 years old and has been using your learning tools from the age of 1 and 1/2 years. He has mastered the control of the mouse, and really loves Larry's Learning Letters. By the way you sing the ABC song very nicely. Keep up the good work and Good Luck in College."

Troy Lynette writes:
"All my kids -- Ryan(7), Lindsay(4), and Christian (3) love to play Larry's Toys and Larry's Animals. They are two of the best games I've found for small children to get started on the computer:) Thanks for your time and effort putting them together."

Jennifer Noble writes:
"I started  downloading Larry's Toys, Animals, Tic Tac Toe,  etc. when my 7 year old was very small. I think I had 4 or 5 of your programs and we have enjoyed them all immensely. Today, a couple of computers and several hard drives later I have downloaded and introduced my three year old to them. He mastered the Rocket Ship game in no time!!" ...
"I have downloaded many, many programs in the last three years and your children's downloads are my favourites."

Felix Rego writes (paraphrased from Portuguese):
I'm a Brazilian webmaster... and I liked it immensely the work. The site was indicated in one of our magazines on Internet, one of the best ones reviewed that we have here in Brazil.

Roger writes:
"I like the new java scripts its really cool."

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It would help me greatly if you could write to an editor of a computer magazine.

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