Goetz's Signature Applet 2.0

Signature Capture Software

Copyright 1999-2010 Lawrence Goetz

Sample Drawing Area:

Draw something and receive an image back.


Now you can have a background image!
Here is an example where you can draw on a face.

This software allows you to capture a signature and transmit it over the Internet. The example program on this site displays an image of what is drawn. A Perl script is available for your server which sends the signature via email is available for download. You can have visitors submit drawings to you and have an art gallery on your web site. However, a unique use is for e-commerce. This Java applet can capture a customer's signature.

Please download the evaluation version, so that you can test this software on your server. If you are successful in running the software, you will be able to access the ordering URL.The client applet is free. The server script cost only $25. The script translates the image into a PNG image and emails it to someone. If you wish, you are able to save the image to your server, rather than emailing it. For example, the signature data can be saved to a file or database. By ordering the script, you will have the right to modify the script to suit your own company's needs.

Perl Script Requirements:

If you are unable to use the Perl script, included in the zip file is a simple encoder/decoder so can view the signature data. The applet is able to act as a stand alone signature viewer.

  Download Version 2.0

Old version 1.5 is also available.
Old version 1.0 is also available.


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