Java Applets and JavaScripts that I've made.

Convert Temperatures, Length, Weight & Volume A JavaScript unit conversion program

Search Engine Add-On An add-on for your JavaScript enabled web browser. Conveniently keep the popular search engines in a special window for easy reference.

Time Span See how how much time has passed since you were born, or see how long there there will be between 2 dates. Lots of fun

Auto Reload Have a page constantly reloaded at length you specify. It's great for webcams, news, sports, finance, or other information pages that need reloading on a constant basis.

Message Reminder Have a message pop up after a time you specify. It's a handy little timer!

The Amazing Moving Picture A JavaScript program that displays an image of your own from your home computer and makes it move around the screen!

3D Text Create 3D text and rotate and animate it. Require Javascript and a VRML plugin such as Live 3D. If you have the full version of Netscape, you should have the requirements.

The Game Of Life My first Java applet. It shows the life and death of dots on a board.

Goetz's Programming Kit This is a programming kit to allow children and adults to easily program on their computer. You program in JavaScript and run it in your browser. I've made special tools and wrote a guide so you can get started writing programs with ease.

Goetz's Scrolling Text A Java applet to display scrolling text on your home page.

Goetz's Calendar Display today's day, date, greeting and holiday or event on your home page.

Goetz's Banner Display a series of images on your page with this Java Applet. It lets you link a URL to each of the images, so making a fancy banner ad is easy with this applet. The images zoom in as they change.

Goetz's Banner Script A JavaScript to display random banner ads on a page.

Goetz's Marquee A Java applet to make animated buttons, signs, titles, etc. for your web page.

Goetz's Net Tools I combined my best internet tools into one package.

Swirl-n-Twirl An applet that lets someone make sprial drawings.

Goetz's Graphics Kit design your own graphical Java Applets.

Goetz's Menu Script A Javascript program to help you make a menu with images that change when the mouse goes over them.

Lawrence Goetz's Viewer is a FREE Java applet that will allow you to display an image on your web page. The visitor can then move the image and zoom in or out of it. It gives the impression of being in the image.

Larry's Count An applet to teach counting. Displays 0 to 20 cookies on the screen.

Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D is a FREE Java applet that will allow you to display a 3D image on your web page. The image rotates about the X or Y axis.

Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D: Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D is a FREE Java applet will allow you to display a 3D image on your web page. The image rotates about the X, Y or Z axis.

Sorry, you don't have Java.

Larry's Paint A fun applet in which you can draw with colored pens, or premade picture stamps. It even allows you to customize it with your own images as stamps or backgrounds.

Learn about logic gates. AND, OR, & NOT gates.

Play a puzzle game on-line. Press buttons lighting various lights. Some lights go on, some go off. Try and get them all on.

Learn how to use the computer mouse I've made some Java applets to help teach people unformiliar with the computer mouse.

Larry's Light Draw - Draw with different colored lights.

Signature Applet. Have your signature or any drawing sent via e-mail. This allows you to capture the writtings of your visitors for a web art gallery, or perhaps even to capture a signature for an online order. This applet has many possiblities.

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