Need help with computers, the internet, Windows, home pages, etc. try this link. It's a collection I found of some really great helpful resources. It has a Mac section too. Computer & Internet Help.

Free animated GIFs by Lawrence Goetz for your web page. Animated GIFs Great for use on your web or intranet site.

If you are thinking about making a home page, check out my home page information page.

If you have any general questions about DOS, MS Windows 3.1/95, Internet, etc. feel free to fill out a form describing the problem and I'll try and answer it if I can. Click the below graphic for the form.

Free Computer Help

Tips to using Windows 95 A collection of handy tips to use in Windows 95.


I made a listing of sites that have BIG listings of sites for children. Listing of sites for children.

Virtual Zoo A collection of animals.

A little interactive story I wrote called Searching Mars.

Have fun making text in different colors and changing the background. Fun Colors requires JavaScript.

Larry's Sketch Draw an image right in your web browser using Javascript and print it out too!

Print out a ruler, protractor and graph paper in Measuring Tools.

Learn the alphabet and how to count from 1 to 10. Learn to say the alphabet and to count both forwards and backwards. Click here


I've made various Java applets and Java Scripts that you can use on your web page.

They are listed on my Java Stuff page.


Here is a list of my favorite places to go on the internet. Favorites.

A Music page has been added. Look up info on all types of music.

Cartoons made by my friend Lex in high school

Some interesting places to go. Basically a list of places that have a link back to me. Other places to go to.

Search the web: Search Engines.

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