Goetz's File Splitter

Goetz's File Splitter will take a large file and split it up into smaller files that can fit on floppies or used in e-mail attachments. Goetz's File Splitter comes in handy if you have a file that's too large to fit on a floppy. It's also good if you have an e-mail account that limits the size of file attachments.

This program runs in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT or higher.

When you restore a file if you get an error "out of environment space", you need to give more memory to your shell (command.com). In config.sys add the following line, or edit your existing line to have the /E:2048 value.

SHELL=C:\Windows\Command.com /P /E:2048

Download Goetz's File Splitter  (808 KB) - Shareware version. It's reasonably priced at $5.
If while installing you get a message about ODBC, click the cancel option to abort that part of the setup.

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Also available is an older version which is a Command Line Version. It runs in Windows as a command prompt program. This version is free.
You may like this version if you plan on running batch scripts to split lots of files.

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