Larry's Lights

Requires Netscape or Internet Explorer versions 4.0 or higher.

Try and get all the yellow and blue lights to be lit.
You press the blue lights to turn them on and off.
Each yellow light gets it's value from the two lights directly below it.
The basic functions for the yellow lights, except for one special light are:
The following show the two lights input, with the resulting value.
left light right light result
on on opposite
on off on
off on off
off off no change

One special light gets it's right input value reversed. The special light makes the puzzle interesting.

Anytime a blue light it pressed, all the yellow lights are checked starting at the bottom and then going up. Based on their input values, the yellow lights will change.

You can play for two goals. One is to get all the yellow lights to be lit. The other is to get all the lights, yellow and blue, to be on.

You can reset the game by pressing the R button in the upper left hand corner.

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