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Goetz's Banner v 2.0

Goetz's Banner is a Shareware Applet. With Goetz's Banner you can create an animated banner on your page. The images zoom in as they change. You can have different URLs for each image, or let them all link to the same URL. The ads can be shuffled, or they can be in order. You can even have just one image displayed for a single random ad. Various background colors, and pause times. Display info in the status bar when the visitor moves the mouse over the image. Below is an example.

New for 2.0

Added Options:

Shuffle the images.

Pause the applet when the mouse is in it.

Display a single image only. When used with shuffle, produces a random banner ad.


Problem with some browsers not displaying the images the first time through.

Images no longer need to be preloaded.

Example showing multiple images each with their own URL. Click on the image of one of my children's shareware programs to go to a site to download it. I had to make the example larger than needed, so the unregistered message isn't too much in the way.

Sorry, but you can not read Java Applets. You need either Netscape or Internet Explorer. If you are using one of these browsers, you need to have Java enabled.

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If you like this applet, perhaps you'll find my Image3D applet to be of some use to you.

Goetz's Banner is part of Goetz's Net Tools for a special bundle price.

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