Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D V1.1

Copyright 1999 Lawrence Goetz

This free Java applet lets you have an image rotate on your site in 3D. It takes a 2D image and spins it around it's X, Y, or Z axis as if it were a 3D image. It's great for logos on a site, or for general pictures that you want to spin. The applet can be linked to a file and it works with frames. It has various parameters to adjust the delay between frames, pause time at the first frame, color and more.


Deluxe Version Available

A Deluxe Version of Lawrence Goetz's Image 3D is available without the About button, and new features have been added. It also has a faster calculating speed, so your visitors will see the animation much more quickly.

Sorry, you don't have Java.

Cool, isn't it?

The example above is of Y rotation. You can see two other examples:

X Rotation - Z Rotation

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If you use this on your web site, please send me the URL. I really enjoy seeing the things I made in use.

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