Goetz's Programming Kit v 1.0 is a free kit designed for children to adults who want to write programs.

Works in Netscape or IE 4 or greater. It's a programming kit that works in JavaScript to allow you to easily write programs. It's easy enough for a child to use, and versatile enough for an adult. You can display information on the screen or even print on the printer. I have made a collection of tools to allow you to effortlessly get information from a person at the computer, or display information to the person at the computer. Without these tools, it would be a little difficult to do so. There is also a users guide to writing JavaScript commands. This will show how to use the tools, and go beyond the tools I've included, to build bigger and better programs. JavaScript is a very easy programming language to learn. It has simplified lots of tasks of other languages.

You will need to have JavaScript enabled for the programs to work. If it is not enabled, you can enable it by going to:
Options, Network Preferences, Languages, then make sure JavaScript is checked.

When the program is displayed, press the BEGIN button to start it.

There appears to be a problem when viewing the programs on the internet in Netscape 3.0x. It displays the source file for the JavaScript before running the program. To fix this, press the Back button in your browser 1 or 2 times until you see the page with the BEGIN button. This error only happens the first time you view the page over the internet. It works fine when viewing programs on your home computer or using 4.0x of Netscape.

Examples I've made so you can see the power of the programming kit:

A very simple program that displays text to the screen.

A little more advanced program to get input from someone and display it to the screen.

An advanced program to add up prices and print a receipt.

Download Goetz's Programming Kit

Do drawing and control a robotic bug on programmingkit.com

It's designed for Windows, but if you have a Mac it should work if you can uncompress zip files.

After using Goetz's Programming Kit, if you make a program, perhaps I may place it on a page of user's programs. This is so others can see what people have made with my programming kit. Don't send the program right now. First send me a short description of it and file size. I'll write to let you know whether you can submit it.

Send questions or comments to me by e-mail goetz@lawrencegoetz.com

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