My Favorites

CDnow a cd music store. Visit them for great music and videos.

These are places on the internet that I found extremely useful! The ones with comments are extra good. However they are all worth visiting if you have the time. While you're here, why not place a book mark to my page so you can easily come back at another time.

All-in-one Search Page A good place to look up tons of information on all sorts of things.

Big list of Links for kids

Big Book A great business listing. Also the key feature I like is a interactive map that lets you zoom into any address in the USA. I can see where my house is on my street. That's cool!
Map Here is a direct link to the map program.

Buena Vista MoviePlex
CNN Interactive
Current conditions & 5-day for New York
c|net: Has Software and such
Digital Nostalgia: Video games from the 80s
Electronic magazines

E-minder This place is like a personal secretary. The e-minder will send you automated e-mail messages to remind you of any important occasions, customized for your own personal needs. This service is offered for free to WWW users and Internet users with e-mail.

Entertainment:Contests, Surveys, Polls
Entertainment Page Take Two
EZ-Find at The River: Find things on the internet
Freeware and Shareware Sites

Freebies A site devoted to lisiting companiess having free offers. At the bottom of that page is a link to Other Free Stuff Links. I this found to be really good.

FreeTel: Talk over the internet for free. Download this free internet telephone called FreeTel!

FTP search'95 v3.0: a great FTP searching place.
Games on the Internet: Great demos and shareware!

GamePen Lots of info on games, and a Real Audio game info show, Game Time.

Happy Puppy Software Games Onramp Home Page: Great demos and shareware as well.
IBM Internet Connection - Full Color Menu

I-Guide Your guide to entertainment, news and more on the web.

MapQuest The best street atlas I've seen on the internet. Not only does it print maps, but it can tell you how to get to your destination.

MOD MUSIC. MODs are a cross between MIDI and WAV files. They play music with sounds, but are small in file size compared to a wav file. You can get some really great songs on the internet.

KingMOD's Home Great MOD songs.

MOD Player Needed to play MOD files.

Yahoo's listing of MOD sites.

MovieLink (777-FILM Online): Info on movies. Trailers, sounds, movie schedules and more.

myTalk-Get your e-mail read over the internet

You can even make a free 2 minute call anywhere in the US & Canada. It's totally voice automated and very cool. It's great when you need to make a short phone call, but don't have change and don't want to call collect. The whole system is free!!!

NetMind An excellent source of things to use on the internet! There are lots of cool things to do on-line that I didn't think were possible. It's a collection of programs people set up to do specific tasks you need. They are useful and entertaining. There are HTML generation programs to help you make a home page. Things to make calendars, graphics, text-to-speech, etc. It's really great! I recommend checking this place out.

NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages - Home Page
Peeping Tom Homepage: View people and animals at work.

PlaySite Play chess, checkers, reversi, or backgammon over the internet with a friend. Requires a Java enabled browser.

Postcards Send someone an on-line postcard.

RealAudio Get this software and listen to radio shows in real time over the internet. I use this a lot and its great. If you dont have it get it.

RealPlayer From the makers of real audio there is now RealPlayer. It plays audio in real time, but not also plays VIDEO in real time. An excellent viewer. There is even an encoder to make your own videos and audio clips play compressed or in real time.

Reference Sources: Lots of stuff, like dictionarys, etc.
Richard Brinklow's Looney Tunes WWW Page
Rock Technologies - Search Engines
SavvySearch: Simple, yet easy searching tool.

Shockwave View sites with extended multimedia, and play games. Very good! Once you have it go to Shockwave sites and play some games and such.

Shopping2000 Home Page: Lots of catalogs to shop from.
Sites with audio clips
Sound and Music
Star Trek: WWW - World Wide Web section
Starting Point for the internet.
Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu: LOTS of internet software available to download. Goodies galore.
Super Connected: Files to help with the internet.
The Comic Strip: Lots of comic strips to read.
The Doctor Fun Page
The Father of Shareware: Lots of info on shareware.
The Simpsons

Switchboard A listing of phone books from across the US. Real easy to use, and amazingly detailed.

The U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Code

ThreadTreader's WWW Contests Guide A great listing of contests you can enter over the internet.

The PC Release List. Lots of great demos for PC!

The Trip Airline flight info and other travel information.

USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form

VDO Live Watch video clips in real time over the internet. Note: If you use Trumpet Winsock, you'll need version 2.1F for VDO Live to work with it.

Yahoo Maps A place similar to Big Book, but has a better zoom tool, and is a little easier to use in some respect.

Yahoo people search This is another listing of phone numbers, but this has unlisted people (address only for them). Also you can look up by phone number, if you need to know where they live.

Yahoo Weather Look up the weather from around the world!

Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Internet:Interesting Devices Connected to the internet.
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Software:Shareware
Yahoo - Recreation Interactive games and such on the internet.

You Can with Beakman and Jax

You Don't Know Jack NetShow Play You Don't Know Jack on the internet, for FREE. Go there and download it! It's a great trivia game.

Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web

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