Welcome to Larry's Sketch!

Programmed by Lawrence Goetz 1997

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  • You can choose the color of the dots by clicking on a color choice.
  • To draw a dot press one of the eight direction buttons with your mouse. The black dot is the location of the drawing dot.
  • To move the dot's location without writing, click on Move, and then use the direction buttons to move the dot's location.
  • To erase dots, click on erase, and use the direction buttons to erase the dots.
  • To continue writing click on draw and use the direction buttons to draw.
  • You can specify the numbers of dots to move across the screen by placing a value in the direction box.

    You can resize the area to fit your screen, should the dots not line up properly, by filling in the resize information with a smaller size in the frame. Also you can print out your picture by clicking the picture frame and doing Ctrl-P (File, Print (Frame) ). Enjoy!


    If there is a problem, please let me know.

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