Help Info on Brooklyn College or any other CIS courses.

I decided to make a page with links to places on the internet to help you with your courses.

Programming Languages

Computer Science

As you may or may not know, you can look up help on most commands in C or Pascal right from the Borland compiler.

In your programs, you can just right click a word to find more information on that as well. However, at school when I did that on Borland Pascal, it said that the help is not installed. So I had to look it up in the index. The index is also good, because you can look up a word that's not already in your program.

1) Pressing Alt-H, brings up the help menu.

2) Then choose I, to view the index.

3) You can then type in a few letters or the whole command to see if it's listed. Or you could scroll throught the list to find the word if you like.

4) Then either right mouse click the word, or have it highlighted and press enter.

To make the help screen larger, click the arrow on the upper right part of that window. If you see any yellow words, this means you can find more information on them by right mouse clicking the word.

When done with the help press Esc.

Info on Assembly Language

C & C++ info

C language help Very good!

Same C help as above, but as one huge 262k text file.

Borland Technical Help for C++

General Pascal

If you are looking for a better editor than VI, try the pico editor.

At the unix prompt enter the command:

pico filename

So if your file is going to be called (or already is called) assign1.c do the following command:

pico assign1.c

This way you can make use of the arrow keys and move the cursor about the screen, and easily edit your programs. For more info on pico, at the unix prompt do:

man pico

I just want to let you know that VI is standard on all unix systems, but pico might not be. It's on Brooklyn College's machines, but if you get a job somewhere else, VI might be needed(?) .

A Beginner's Guide to Unix, VI, X-Windows Great!

Introduction to Unix. REALLY GOOD FOR CIS 15.

UNIX help on VI and other things, like how to use the floppy drive. Good


Shell Script

Java Stuff

Java FAQ Really Good.

Java's Home Page at Sun.

Java in a Nutshell Online Quick Reference for Java 1.1 Very good. It's the Objects part of the book on the internet.

Java Documentation Good for looking up info on the objects.

Java Documentation in Windows Help File Format An excellent way to look up the objects, concepts and other Java related information in a handy, easy to use, Windows help file.

Java Tutorial Useful.

Glossary Of Java Terms

A multimedia tutorial of Java. Looks like a great tutorial with videos and multimedia, actually a book is better, but it does give some examples.

Really good info: Slides used in CIS 25 for the text Operating System Concepts 5th ed. If you have the 4th ed. Click here for the slides. Note that they are in postscript format. You'll need a postscript viewer, such as Ghostview to view or print them.

Descrete Math(CIS 11)Good for looking up terms, etc.

For those of you taking the hardware option:


Circuit Info, CPU, Chips etc. Good for CIS 28, 42 and very interesting.

Info on the Z80 chip used in CIS 42

Look up the logic gates you use in CIS 28

Help with DC Circuits

Info on x86 processors and lots of intel info

Intel Corporation

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