With these images of animals, kids can do various activities.

You can print out the images and make things with them.

Kids ask your parents for permission before doing these activities, because they involve scissors, glue and other items.

1) Cut out the animal and leave a little excess border around the image.
2) Glue the animal onto construction paper and let the glue dry.
3) Trim the construction paper so you see the animal completely.
4) Take a popsicle stick, unsharpened pencil, or straw, and glue or tape it to the back of the animal and wait for the glue to dry (if you used glue).
Now you have your very own animal puppet.

Story Book:
1) Cut out the animals you want to have in your story.
2) Take out some construction paper and write a story about the animals. Be sure to leave room to place the pictures later. Here are some story ideas: jungle adventure, circus show, trip to the zoo.
3) After you write your story, glue or tape the animals on the pages.
4) Make a cover with your name, title of story, and decorate with glitter and glue if you wish.
5) Paper clip or bind the pages together.
Now you have your very own story book.

1) Print out the animals you want in your mobile. You might want to view the image in a photo program to print out the reverse image. You can save the image, by right clicking on it. A reverse image, will allow your animal to have a front and a back.
2) Cut out the animal.
3) Glue or tape the pictures to construction paper.
4) Take a piece of string and glue or tape it to the back of the picture.
5) Take a popsicle stick, unsharpened pencil, or straw, and glue or tape to the string from
the animal.
6) Repeat this for each of your animals.
7) Take the sticks and glue or tape string to them so the animals are arranged.
8) You may need to take some clay or coins and glue or tape them to the ends of the sticks so the animals are balanced.
9) Add glue or tape some extra string to the top of the mobile and hang from the ceiling or in a doorway.

1) Cut out a various collection of animals and paste them on to a piece of paper.
2) Fold the paper and make sure the pictures are on the front
3) Open the card and on the inside write a message to someone.
Then give it to that person. This is better if you put some of there favorite animals on it.

Do you know of any other crafts that can be done with these images?
If so, please write to me.