"Spotted Animals"
Copyright 1999 Lawrence Goetz

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One day farmer Andy came back from a long day at the city. He had to go to the city that day to get some gas for his tractor. When he returned, to his surprise the cows had red spots on them. He got scared and thought that the cows were sick. So he ran into the house and got out a thermometer to check their temperature. The cows appeared to be fine, but he could not understand why the cows had the red spots.

Farmer Andy thought to himself "If the cows have red spots, I hope that the other animals on the farm don't have spots." So farmer Andy went over to the chicken coop. When he walked in he, was surprised to see that the chickens had not red spots, but blue spots. He scratched his head and thought "Cows with red spots, now chickens with blue spots?" I'm going to look at the horses.

When he got to the stables, his eyes became wide, because the horses had not red nor blue spots, they had yellow spots on them. He thought "I can not understand what is causing the cows to get red spots, the chickens to have blue spots, and the horses to have yellow spots?" I am going to check the pig pen.

When he got to the pig pen he was amazed. The pigs were not red, the pigs were not blue, the pigs were not even yellow. In fact, the pigs looked fine. Now farmer Andy was confused. Why did the other animals on the farm have spots, but not the pigs? When he was leaving the pen he tripped over some cans of paint. He wondered "Did the pigs paint the animals?"

When he left the pen the, the pigs pulled some paint brushes out from the mud. They laughed to each other about the prank they pulled over on farmer Andy.