"Molly and the Baking Soda"
Copyright 1999 Lawrence Goetz

"Molly, since you have the day off from school today," Molly's mother, Sally replied, "maybe you'd like to help me make some pancakes for breakfast?"

Molly said, "Mom, ok, I'll help. I love your pancakes. They taste so good."

"Thanks, Molly," Sally replied, "Ok, let me see, I got flour, eggs, butter milk, sugar, baking powder... oh I need some baking soda. Molly, could you get some from the closet, please?"

"Ok mom."

"These pancakes will turn out so light and fluffy. Mmm," said Sally.

"Here you go," said Molly, as she handed her mother the baking soda.

"After I mix all the ingredients, I'll put the batter on the griddle," said Sally.

The batter got mixed and Sally poured the pancake batter into five inch round circles on the griddle.

About a minute or so later. "Smells good," said Molly.

"They're almost ready," said Sally.

When they were done, Sally scooped some up, and handed Molly a stack of pancakes. Molly put syrup on them and started to eat. "Mmm they taste good!" said Molly.

"Thanks dear," said Sally.

After they finished breakfast Sally asked "Want to help me clean the house, Molly?"

"Ok," said Molly.

"Could you take the baking soda out of the closet again? I need it for the carpet."

"Baking soda to clean the carpets? I thought it's for cooking."

"Baking soda has many uses. One of which is for cooking. But, you can use baking soda to deodorize the carpets. I can even use baking soda to clean the microwave, sink, the toilets, and many other places too."

"Wow, Baking soda can clean? That's amazing."

So Molly and Sally went into the living room. Sally said "Just take some baking soda and sprinkle onto the carpet."


So Molly sprinkled some on the carpet.

"Watch Molly," Sally said, as she took the vacuum and cleaned the carpet.

After the carpet got cleaned Molly said, "The carpet looks and smells clean."

"That's because of the baking soda," said Sally, "Now I'm going to do the laundry. Can you bring the baking soda?"

"For the laundry?"

"Yes. It helps the laundry become fresher and cleaner."

"Baking soda is amazing."

So Sally took the dirty laundry and dumped it into the washing machine. "I'm going to add the liquid detergent, and you can add a half cup of baking soda."


After they put in the detergent, and the baking soda, Sally told Molly, "Ok, you can press the start button now."

Molly pressed start and the washing machine started up. "While the wash is washing," Sally said, "I'll put an open box of baking powder in the refrigerator, and one in the freezer."

"Why?" asked Molly.

"Baking soda even absorbs food odors. It helps the foods taste better. And in the freezer it takes out the smells that get in the ice cubes that can make them taste funny."

"I can't wait to find out what else baking soda can do," said Molly.

"Molly," said Sally, "you can go and play. I'll clean the bathroom, while you play."

"Will you be using baking soda?"


"Baking soda must be magic."

"It's not magic, Molly. It just has a lot of uses."

"It amazes me, mommy."

"Sometimes it amazes me too."

Later on in the early evening, Sally called Molly because supper would be ready soon. Sally made meat balls and spaghetti. "Molly could you set the table? Your father will be home from work any minute now," said Sally.

Molly helped her mother set the table. A few minutes later her father, Tim, came home. Molly ran to greet her father. "Daddy, daddy," said Molly, "Mommy showed all the wonderful ways that baking soda can be used."

"That's nice dear. I hope it was fun," said Tim.

"It was."

"Honey, what's for supper?" said Tim, "Is that meat balls and spaghetti I smell?"

"Yes, come to the table supper ready," said Sally.

Molly and her mother and father had supper. After supper, Tim said to Sally, "I think I have heartburn, got an antacid?"

Sally said, "Baking soda is as effective as an antacid. I'll take a half teaspoon of baking soda and add it to a half glass of water."

Sally went to the closet, and got the baking soda and did just that.

"Here you go dear," Sally said as she handed Tim the mix, "drink it and you'll feel better in no time."

About and hour later Tim said "I feel much better. That baking soda drink really hit the spot. Honey, do you think you could teach me some of the many ways to use baking soda?"


And she did.