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Learn to practice using the computer mouse.

To get to play with the bonuses: At the start screen, instead
of pressing the Space bar to begin, now you press Shift and
Z at the same time. This will allow you to use the registered
version. You have to do this every time you start the program.
Once you start the program and this has been entered, you will not
have to enter in any other special commands. However, when you
exit and load the program another time, you'll have to re-enter the

Once again, the command is: Hold the Shift and press Z.
This is instead of just pressing the Space bar, as you did in the
unregistered version. You can easily accomplish this by using two
fingers and holding down the adjacent Shift and Z keys at once.

If you start the program and forget to enter the code, you can
restart without exiting. Press F2 at anytime to restart the program.
Now you can enter the code, if you forgot to do so at the


Painting Instructions:

To choose an object to draw with:
Choose an object below the gray line, and
click it with the right mouse button, to draw
with it.

To draw:
Click the left mouse button anywhere above
the gray line to place an object on the screen.

To erase an object:
Click any object above the gray line with the
right mouse button to erase it.

Press Esc to return to the menu.

Clear Screen:
Press the Delete key to clear the screen.