Here is a great link to download Larry's Learning Machine Machine

This program is now FREE!

Unlock the full game:

To get multiplication and division: At the start screen with the
amusement park that says "press enter to begin", hold down the
Space Bar and while holding it, press the Enter key. This will
allow you to use the registered version. You have to do this every
time you start the program. Once you start the program and this
has been entered, you will not have to enter in any other special
commands. However, when you exit and load the program another
time, you'll have to re-enter the code.

Once again, the command is: Hold the Space Bar and press
the Enter key. This is instead of just pressing the Enter key, as you
did in the unregistered version.

If you start the program and forget to hold the Space Bar
down, you can restart without exiting. Press F2 at anytime to
restart the program. Now you can enter the code, if you forgot to
do so at the beginning.