Larry's Flash Cards v1.02

Copyright 1998 Lawrence Goetz

Larry's Flash Cards is a free program that lets you create your own series of questions. The questions can contain images, sounds and text. They can be exact answer, multiple choice, or true/false. Great for spelling, math, science, history, or any subject.

You enter into the program the questions and the answers, then your child or student runs the program and enters in their answers to the question. If wrong, they can try again as may times as you select in the program. If they can not answer the question in the given number of tries, the answer is given to them. You can have custom sound files for right and wrong answers, as well as a reward image when the question is answered correctly. The program is extremely flexible to allow for a wide range of questions in nearly any kind of category. You can even swap your question files with other parents or teachers.

See an example of the flash cards

Larry's Flash Cards requires Netscape, since it did not work on Internet Explorer. However I used the 3.0x series of IE and do not know if it will work on the latest version. It's written in JavaScript and I tested it on Windows 95. It should work on Netscape for the Mac, but I never tested it. If anyone has a Mac and wants to test it, please let me know if it works.

Click here to download it.

If you make a series of flash cards that you'd like to share with other visitors on my site, drop me an e-mail with a description and file size of the cards. I'll let you know whether you can submit it. I'd mostly be looking for small file sizes, so they don't take up much space. If you have a large set and you place it on your web site, I can link to it.

Questions, comments or feedback E-mail me.

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